7 Common Misconceptions About Bisexuality

I’ve been openly bisexual since senior year of college. And like many bisexuals, I’ve had to deal with negative stereotypes and internalized biphobia that made it difficult for me to come out. There are an unfortunate number of harmful stereotypes about bisexuals, and while I can’t change people’s minds, there are several ones I openly want to debunk right now.

1. Bisexuals are only attracted to men or women.

Because of the gender binary, there’s a common belief that bisexuality only encompasses attraction to two specific genders: male and female. This not only ignores nonbinary people and others who don’t fit in the gender binary, but it also restricts bisexuality; you must only experience attraction to men and women. The truth is, bisexuality encompasses attraction to more than one gender, and that means different things for different people. There are bisexuals attracted to nonbinary people, and nonbinary bisexuals exist. Like gender, sexual attraction is a spectrum, and there’s no one-size-fits-all for one sexuality.

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